The Best Way to Grow a Beard Naturally at Home

The Best Way to Grow a Beard Naturally at Home

In the words of the popular Wizdom Men’s Care brand, understanding the power of the beard will get you several steps closer to your ideal look. This is absolutely true, but trust me when I say it’s just the first step. Have you ever looked at Whitemoney’s very full and lustrous beards and wondered how he does it? Ok maybe that’s too far off if you are a beginner. How about Cross Da Boss’s not so full but very well groomed beards? One thing you will find in common with these men is that they both understand how to groom and care for their beards to help its growth.

So if you are a beginner or if you are already on the beard gang train but are still struggling with ways to keep a clean and trim beard from the comfort of your home, this is definitely your wake up call. Keep reading for some mind blowing tips.


Are Your Beards Same as the Hair on Your Head?

Make no mistake about it, the hair on your head is very different from your beards. Even though they are both categorized as androgenic hair they differ in more simple terms.

  • First, the scalp is very different from the face in that it produces a lot more oil than the face. Hence, the hair on your face is often thicker, fuller and has a wiry texture compared to the hair on your head.
  • Secondly, the hair on your head grows a lot faster than your beard
  • The hair on your beard is often more kinked because of the shape of the follicles that grow them
  • Because testosterone contributes plenty to the growth of your beard, a bald man who has a lot of testosterone is likely to have a full chin of beard

From the above, it is easy to tell that being manly is partly all you need to grow a beard at home. But there are other factors that can speed up the process too.


Factors that can Help your Beard Grow Faster Naturally

Having established that the hair on your head is very different from your beards, and that your beards grow a lot slower, here are ways to speed up the process.

  • Exfoliate and Moisturize: For beards to grow well, it is necessary to prepare the field of growth just right. Exfoliation once a week will remove excess dead cells while moisturizing will help the skin not be too dry. Products like the 1f  0000 will provide just the right amount of oil necessary to keep your beards sprouting.


  • Eat Right: Well this one is a no brainer. There are certain kinds of food that promote hair growth both on the head and on the face. Eat lots of fruits and veggies but also target foods that are rich in biotin, vitamin B, B1, B6, ad B12


  • Stay Away from Stress: Crazy as it sounds, stress can rob you of the beards of your dreams. So as often as you can, give yourself time to rest and recoup so your dead and damaged skin cells can have time to heal and repair themselves. What is rest without a soothing balm. To enhance and speed up damaged cell repair around your beard area, try incorporating the Beard Balm into your night routines.

Finally, fight the urge to trim your growing beards everyday. I hate to burst the bubble but, that popular opinion that says your beards grow faster if you trim it daily, is so not true. Also, it has no research or scientific proof. Try growing it out for a few weeks and then grooming it after.

From the above, you can see that just about anyone can grow a beard but if you want your beard to stand out in a sea of beards, keep reading.


How to Groom Your Beards at Home Using the WMC Growth Kit

If there is one tested and trusted brand for all things Beards in Nigeria, it would be Wizdom Men’s Care. With WMC, you can grow and style your beards however you choose from the comfort of your home without a lot of the hassles that naturally goes with it.

Our Best Selling Products

If you are just starting, you don’t need a lot of expertise to get it right. Grow your beards out without a trim for the first few weeks. During this period, the WMC Growth Kit will come in very handy because it contains a select collection of growth enhancers you will need for the grow out phase. The things you will find in this kit include:


  • The Beard Micro-needle Roller which when used right, enhances blood circulation in the face and awakens sleeping hair follicles. Use this in the morning after rinsing your face with warm water and again after using the growth serum. You can also use it at night just before you go to bed. Remember to always rinse your face and beard area with warm water first
  • The Beard growth serum which activates dormant follicles and improves the quality of the beard – Use this every morning after bath. Be sure to spread it richly and evenly on your beard area. Repeat the procedure at night to allow it work while your cells repair themselves during sleep. Besides the fact that it stimulates growth, you will notice that the beard will be thicker and fuller
  • The Beard Fresh Spray moisturizes and will soothe the itchiness that may arise from going a few weeks without a trim. Keep this handy, you will need it more often than you think
  • Beard Comb because even though you are still starting out, you still need to keep the area looking good and orderly. This comb is designed in a two way to allow you just about any type and lenght of beard.


Follow the above dutifully and you are sure to come thank me in a few months. Final words… don’t forget that the instruments you use for your trim are just as important as the trim itself. Get yourself the WMC Grooming Kit once you have gotten the beard of your dreams.

Product Spotlight: WMC Professional Clipper

The WMC Professional Clipper is suitable for home use and also for professional salon use. The clipper delivers superior and precise cutting performance. Equipped with low noise and long-life power motor for high cutting power & speed. One of its greatest features is its high efficient battery which lasts up to 5hr if fully charged.


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